The three leaping wolves first appeared on the classic Old Gold strip of Wolverhamptom Wanderers in 1974, the year the club beat Manchester City 2 – 1 at Wembley to win the League Cup, its first trophy since 1960. This painting shows the team that lifted the trophy, including goal scorers Kenny Hibbert and John Richards, manager Bill McGarry and football legend Derek Dougan. In 1979 the 3 wolves were replaced a logo of a wolf’s head, which always reminds me of the logo on the running vest of comic strip runner Alf Tupper, The Tough of the Track.


1. Gary Pierce
2. Geoff Palmer
3. Derek Parkin
4. Mike Bailey
5. Frank Munro
6. John McAlle
7. Alan Sunderland
8. Kenny Hibbitt
9. John Richards
10. Derek Dougan
11. Dave Wagstaffe
12. Barry Powell
13. Bill McGarry



3 Wolves On Their Shirts

  • Handmade artwork printed in high resolution on premium white art paper. Prints are unframed.
    All prints come numbered and signed by the artist, Bernard Kelly.