A painting of Manchester United’s most successful squad which became the only English team to win a treble of, Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions’ League. The 1998 – 1999 season saw United lose only 4 times including 1 home defeat. The never say die attitude of the squad was epitomised by coming back from a losing position to win the League on the last day of the season, winning the Champions’ League final in the last minute of injury time and “that goal” by Ryan Giggs in the FA Cup semi final against Arsenal.


1. Gary Neville
2. Raimond van der Gouw
3. Peter Schmeichel
4. Denis Irwin
5. Wes Brown
6. Japp Stam
7. Henning Berg
8. Phil Neville
9. David Beckham
10. Roy Keane (C)
11. Nicky Butt
12. Ronny Johnsen
13. Jesper Blomqvist
14. Dwight Yorke
15. Paul Scholes
16. Ryan Giggs
17. Andy Cole
18. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
19. Teddy Sheringham
20. Sir Alex Ferguson



Make Mine a 99

  • Handmade artwork printed in high resolution on premium white art paper. Prints are unframed.
    All prints come numbered and signed by the artist, Bernard Kelly.