Following the appointment of John Docherty replacing George Graham in 1987-88 season, Millwall gained promotion to the top-flight of English football for the first time in the club's history. After beating QPR 3-2 on 1st October, The Lions topped the entire Football League. Millwall's first season amongst the elite of English football ended with a 10th place finish, the lowest position occupied by the club at any point during that campaign.


1. Danis Salman (Full back)

2. Brian Horne (Goalkeeper)

3. Keith Stevens (Full back)

4. Nicky Coleman (Full back)

5. Alan Walker (Central defender)

6. Alan McLeary (Defender)

7. Les Briley (Midfielder)

8. Steve Wood (Central defender)

9. Jimmy Carter (Winger)

10. George Lawrence (Midfielder)

11. Terry Hurlock (Midfielder)

12. Kevin O'Callaghan (Winger)

13. David Byrne (Winger)

14. Teddy Sheringham (Striker)

15. Tony Cascarino (Striker)

16. John Doherty (Manager)


Docherty In The Lions Den

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