After winning the previous season's FA Cup, manager Ron Greenwood led West Ham into their first European campaign. After controvesially beating Real Zaragoza in the semi-final the final against West German side 1860 Munich was played at Wembley on 19 May 1965 in front of 100,000 spectators. It has been described as "West Ham's greatest moment". Alan Sealey scored in the 69th and 71st minute, the first from an "impossible angle" and the second after Bobby Moore's free-kick was not cleared by the Munich defence. Manager Greenwood, in his 1984 book "Yours Sincerely", noted the significant roles played by Sealey, Dear and Bobby Moore in the final but also praised West Ham's defence, particularly the efforts of goalkeeper Jim Standen and defender Jack Burkett.


1. Joe Kirkup (Right-back)

2. Jim Standen (goalkeeper)

3. Jack Burkett (Left-back)

4. Martin Peters (Right-half)

5. Ken Brown (Centre-half)

6. Bobby Moore (Left-half)

7. Alan Sealey (Outside right)

8. Ronnie Boyce (Right midfield)

9. Geoff Hurst (Centre Forward)

10.Brian Dear (Left midfield)

11. John Sissons (Oustide left)

12. Ron Greenwood (Manager)

Greenwood's 1860 Overture

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